CHGPA Dues Payment Form : Via Credit Card or PayPal Account

Effective January 6, 2017: Dues are $60 annually

Thank you for supporting hang-gliding and paragliding in Region IX! Your interest and involvement help ensure that the free-flight adventures we all experience at our flying sites will be enjoyed for years to come.

New CHGPA members:
If you plan to participate in the CHGPA forums, now might be a good time to register for a forum account. Registration for the forums is completely separate from joining CHGPA, because our forums are open to everyone (members and non-members alike).

Then, prior to sending your dues payment, please use the CHGPA Membership Information Form to send us your complete contact information, on-line. After that's done, return here to send your actual dues payment.

Renewing CHGPA members:
As of January 2017, all renewing members also have to complete the entire CHGPA Membership Information Form. We hope that an improved membership management system will make this unnecessary next year... But in the meantime, we all have to complete the entire form in order to re-up. Then, please follow the directions below in order to pay your CHGPA dues. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Instructions For Paying CHGPA Dues

First: Select a CHGPA membership type via the drop-down menu below and then click on the first of the 'Add to Cart' buttons. A new web-browser 'Tab' (or possibly a new browser window) containing a PayPal shopping cart will open, with contents which reflect the type of membership that you selected. To pay for multiple memberships, click on the '+' symbol and the dollar amount will be increased accordingly.

Second: If you wish to make an additional donation to CHGPA.... Return to this CHGPA PayPal Dues-Payment Form (or click the 'Continue Shopping' button in the PayPal shopping cart) and then click on the second of the "Add to Cart" buttons shown below. The browser 'Tab' (or separate browser window) which contains your PayPal shopping cart will be updated with a default donation amount of $10 USD. If you wish to donate more, click on the '+' symbol in the donation entry of your shopping cart. The total donation amount will increase in increments of $10 USD with each click.

Third: Within the PayPal shopping cart, click the "Check Out" button (if you wish to pay with a credit card), or the "PayPal Check Out" button (if you wish to pay using your PayPal account). You will then be taken to a secure page where you can provide your payment details.


Membership Type

The default donation amount is $10
Within the shopping cart, click on the '+' sign to increase your donation amount.