CHGPA Membership Information Form

The CHGPA membership information form may be used by both new and renewing members to provide contact information which is used to maintain the club's member roster. The club roster allows us to preserve our chapter status with the USHPA, and it also allows our members to stay in touch with each other. So please keep your information up-to-date, it really will help us out!

For New And Renewing CHGPA members: Please complete the Membership Information form first, providing all of your contact information. Then, use the CHGPA PayPal Dues Payment Form to pay your club membership fee online (using either a credit card or a PayPal account that you might have previously established).

We hope that a new membership management system will eliminate the need for existing members to complete the entire Membership Information form, with all of its required fields. But this is not yet in place as of January 2017. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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We can also accept hard-copy versions of the membership information form : Simply enter all the requested information then use your web browser to print out the completed form, and send it to the CHGPA Treasurer. But if at all possible, please use the form to send your membership information to us on-line, it's MUCH easier to process that way. Thanks very much!

Thank you for supporting hang-gliding and paragliding in Region IX! Your interest and involvement help ensure that the free-flight adventures we all experience at our flying sites will be enjoyed for years to come.