Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site Photos

It can be handy to have a picture when talking about how to fly an approach to a hang gliding landing zone. However, most of us are too busy flying the approach pattern to pull out a camera for a good shot. Fortunately, some of our local flying sites are covered by U.S. Geological Survey aerial photography, available at http://www.terraserver.com.

As good as Terraserver is, the server is sometimes slow, and images can take a long time to download. In addition, each image is made up of two- to sixteen-segment images. To make life easier, I grabbed the Terraserver images made up of many image files and turned them into simple composite jpeg files. Here are five of our sites, for your convenience.

Click on the small photos here to get full-sized images. Or click on the Terraserver links below the small photos to jump to Terraserver itself (the advantage of going to Terraserver is that you can zoom in and out, pan around to the surrounding countryside, and view topographical maps and countour maps).

Joe Gregor provided the powered flight and Christy Huddle the aerial photography for additional images seen here. USGS photos were not available for the Breezewood PA region as of Jan. 2001, so coverage of Fisher Road and Bill's Hill is only available thanks to their efforts.

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High Rock, MD
High Rock Area
Launch and LZ
High Rock LZ
(Emma Jane's Field)
High Rock LZ
Pilot's View
High Rock Flying Area
High Rock Area - Terraserver
High Rock LZ
High Rock LZ - Terraserver
High Rock LZ
Looking back toward ridge.

The Pulpit, McConnellsburg, PA
Pulpit Area
Launch and LZs
Pulpit Primary LZ
The 'Ball Diamond'
Pulpit Primary LZ
Pilot's View
Pulpit Secondary LZ
(restricted field)
Pulpit Flying Area
Pulpit Area - Terraserver
Pulpit Primary LZ
Pulpit Primary - Terraserver
Pulpit Primary LZ
Check crop status & winds.
Pulpit Secondary LZ
Pulpit Secondary - Terraserver

Woodstock, VA
Woodstock Area Woodstock LZ
Woodstock Area
Woodstock - Terraserver
Woodstock LZ
Woodstock - Terraserver

Fisher Road, Breezewood, PA
Fisher Road Area Fisher Road LZ
Fisher Road Area

LZ owner is Ms. Anna.
Fisher Road LZs

Walk LZ to see power lines.

Bill's Hill, Breezewood, PA
Bill's Hill Area Bill's Hill LZ
Bill's Hill Area

Excellent Hang 2 launch.
Bill's Hill LZ

Wide open LZ.

B&W images courtesy of U. S. Geological Survey,
available from
Color photos by Christy Huddle with pilot Joe Gregor.

Image compilation and page design updated
1/19/2001 by
Cragin Shelton
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