Rules for Flying The Pulpit

  1. All pilots must have paid the required flying fee of $15.00 for a yearly Pulpit sticker, or have paid $5.00 for a dated temporary (one week) flying pass.
  2. Stickers and temporary passes for Pulpit flying privileges may be obtained from CHGPA board members or MHGA board members.
  3. All pilots flying the Pulpit must sign the required waiver of liability.
  4. All pilots must be USHGA members.
  5. All pilots must carry their current USHGA membership card.
  6. All pilots must have a valid rating of at least Hang III, with this exception: A Hang II pilot will be permitted to fly when supervised by a Region IX Observer or Certified Instructor present with the pilot at launch.
  7. Pilots must have a Pulpit sticker visible on their glider or helmet, or have a current temporary pass on their person.
  8. On dirt roads in landing (secondary field) and launch areas, the speed limit is 5 mph to keep dust from blowing onto residents' property.
  9. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas at launch and landing.
  10. Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  11. Rules governing the High Rock Sector must be followed by cross-country pilots.
  12. Do not trespass on the private property located 30 yards south of launch.
  13. Everyone using this site, including pilots, must respect residents' privacy and property.
  14. Violation of the Pulpit rules, or abuse of the site, may result in revocation of flying privileges.

NOTE: Flying fees are waived during our annual McConnellsburg Hang Gliding Festival for pilots who have registered for the event.

General Site Information For The Pulpit

  1. Wind directions of WSW to WNW are ideal for The Pulpit (NW can be handled depending on the wind velocity and how it is cycling into the slot).
  2. The air national guard out of Martinsburg WV typically flies across the ridge on which the Pulpit is located during its practice the first weekend of each month, between 9 am and 3:30 pm. They may have practice runs at other times. To confirm a practice, call flight service (1-800-WX BRIEF) and ask if the "VR 807 is hot". (VR 807 is the designation of the path crossing the ridge.)
  3. The Hagerstown airport control zone is southeast of launch.
  4. Stay several hundred feet away from the microwave towers where Rt. 16 crosses the mountain south of launch. Information regarding the hazards of flying close to the microwave towers may be posted on the bulletin board.
  5. Camping is allowed on the Pulpit property outside the set-up area.
  6. Please keep the launch and landing field clean and free of litter. Remove your own trash and any other trash you find on site. We are allowed to use the dumpster behind Johnny's Motel in McConnellsburg.
  7. All pilots should walk the landing field they intend to use before flying.
  8. Do not drive further than 300 feet onto the LZ ("ball diamond") on the dirt road.
  9. Combination for all locks at the Pulpit is 0606.
  10. In case of a medical emergency requiring a rescue squad, call 717-485-4321.
  11. Irresponsible incidents should be reported to any CHGPA board member or MHGA board member.