Regulations For Cross-Country Flights Originating From The Pulpit

Due to the existence of prohibited airspace (P-40) near the High Rock hang gliding site, special regulations have been drafted for over-the-back XC flights that originate from The Pulpit. These flights frequently place pilots in the vicinity of High Rock after they have crossed the 30-mile valley behind the Pulpit. Continued flight into the region of P-40 is not a good thing, to say the very least! P-40 is so sensitive that airspace intrusions can have immediate consequences: for the pilot, and perhaps even the entire hang-gliding community, since High Rock could be shut down by even one intrusion.

To prevent airspace violations, an area around High Rock called the High Rock Sector has been defined. Unless you have a High Rock exemption, demonstrating awareness of P-40's location and extent, your XC flight must terminate at High Rock if you enter the sector.

IMPORTANT! The definition of the High Rock Sector and the protocols outlined below are applicable only when P-40 is its normal size. Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) that enlarge P-40 to a radius of 8 nautical miles are sometimes issued, which places High Rock, the High Rock LZ, and much of the area southeast of Waynesboro within the boundaries of P-40. Visit the High Rock/P-40 page for information that will allow you to determine if a P-40 TFR is in effect.

High Rock Sector

The defined area of the High Rock Sector is all territory within the boundaries of:

Pulpit to High Rock XC Flights

Cross-country flights originating from the Pulpit are subject to the following in the vicinity of High Rock:

  1. Any pilot who launches from the Pulpit, arrives at and enters the High Rock Sector boundaries is, thereafter, subject to High Rock XC regulations. Hence, unless a pilot possesses a High Rock XC Exemption, he may not attempt any cross-country flight from the High Rock ridge while within the High Rock Sector.

  2. Any pilot, (whether checked in at High Rock or not, or whether holding a High Rock XC exemption or not) may continue an XC flight over the back of the High Rock range, if the pilot arrives and remains outside of the High Rock Sector (north of Rte 16, south of Black Rock).

Infraction Response:

  1. For infraction of the rules governing the High Rock Sector, we cannot accept as an explanation being unsure of one's location relative to the sector, or uncertainty of the sector's location.

  2. If a pilot violates the sector rules, he will receive a minimum one year suspension of all High Rock flying privileges.

  3. If a pilot violates the sector rules, the Board of Directors of the Maryland and Capital Hang Gliding Associations will be petitioned for the suspension of all Pulpit flying privileges for a minimum of one year.

  4. Depending upon the nature of the conduct, further actions may be taken.

    All present regulations are subject to change.

    Review Date: October, 2001